Silkie fowls are a strong species and little susceptible for diseases. Of course it can happen that a fowl falls ill.

* Chicken lice.

Just like other chicken species, they can be teased by chicken lice. This is easily controlled with an agent, sold at your local pet store.

* Lime feet.

Also lime feet can occur: A lime mite causes lime deposits between the scales o­n their feet. This disease can easily be treated. Brush in the feet with vegetable oil (e.g. salad-,olive- or sunflower oil). Repeat this treatment after 2 weeks and the lime mites will die.

* Coccidiosis.

A really nasty disease is coccidiosis. This unicellular organism causes an enteritis; the intestines mucous membrane and wall are damaged. The chicken makes a spiritless impression, sits huddled up and blood is found in the stools.

It is very important to immediately treat all the animals, because this disease is extremely contagious and mortal. The local pet store sells an agent that can be dissolved in the drinking water.